How do I clear air from cask beer lines?


How do I clear air from cask beer lines


  1. Pull through with beer engine(hand pull pump)
    This should purge the air from the line and fill it with beer, once you are serving beer air should not be in the line , unless you have a fault

    • I always get air in between pours even though the lines are clamped and sealed. This is from a used beer engine purchased from a pub. Where else can air enter, could it be a faulty cylinder?

  2. Most answers can be found on here somewhere this is taken from

    Why is my hand pump pulling air?

    The ale could still be highly conditioned some cask conditioned beers take a lot longer to clear down than others, it usually takes about,24, 48 hrs or even longer, but at the end of the day, it all depends on the brew.

    Also change the hop strainer or washer that connects to the tap, sometimes this lets air through, make sure both the Jubilee clips are tight (the one that connects to the gas pump as well as the one connecting the pipe to the nut by the cask tap.

    If you are not using a gas pump and it is a high lift maybe the weight of the ale in the line could be pulling air in somewhere from either the joints or the Beer engine cylinder itself. ..


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