Should I disconnect the gas?


gas valve turned offI normally leave my gas connected all the time, I have just read on inn doctor that you should turn your gas off every night as it can be absorbed in to the product and cause fobbing.

What is best leave on, turn off or turn off and disconnect the coupler? if you just turn off surely the product could go flat where as if you turn off and disconnect the coupler the pressure in the keg will remain constant.


  1. There is a non return valve in the gas line inside the coupler. Turning off the gases at the bottles will not reduce the pressure in the keg. Leaving it on, particularly in cold weather will encourage absorption in the beer.
    It is also good practice, as if a major leak occurs whilst the cellar is unattended, you won’t fill the cellar with the entire contents of the gas bottle.

  2. HI
    this is kim sending from Seoul Korea. Iv got some trouble to mustly solve.
    I have many keg products and customers who are using my products and also have trouble I said above.

    co2 goes to keg(beer) for equilibrium during unusing time(closed time,late night). so it makes a fobbing claim from consumer.

    yeah its easy to prevent by locking the valve.

    but you know that most of my guest s do not want to do it(hassle).
    and I could not inform(educate) it again and again, case by case.

    Is there any solution for it?
    Is there any equipment which I can buy on your website?? like timer,sensor whatever.

    please let me know the solution you know, and products. I need really yout help thanks.

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