I have been fined because of a beer leak


Hi I was tapping a keg for the first time with a colleague. He has had training I have not. Unbeknownst to us there was a slow leak that over the ensuing five days lost the brewery the whole keg. They have now fined us both £150 each with immediate effect. Can they do this? I’ve been asked to do a job I’ve never done before and with no training


  1. You haven’t said where the leak is coming from, no matter. If you haven’t been shown how to change a keg then the onus would be on your employer to show you how to do it properly.


    It sounds as if your employer is annoyed with you for losing so much beer and has put the frighteners on you. However if the loss is from a 50ltr container then £300 would be the full retail price, which wouldn’t be right.

    You won’t have been the first person to do this and you certainly won;t be last, I’m assuming you left a shut off valve slightly open on the cellarbuoy, which are a poor design anyway. Really I suppose it is all down the type of employer you have, if he cools down and if you want to keep your job.Good luck.

  2. What! That’s £300 for the cost of a keg! So presumably the keg was on service and beer was being sold from it,so all the beer wasn’t lost.
    Seems a little over the top to say the least.

  3. Thank you very much guys. I’m going to phone the Legal Hour this week on LBC Radio I think. Meanwhile Your postings may produce some results.

    Many thanks


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