Reusing beer lines that have been left for long periods in water


I only use half the pumps on the bar to save the waste; so half of them are left in water… Every week when I clean the used pumps I run new water through the un-used ones… I recently tried to use all the pumps again and it started off ok, but now they stink… What shall I do?

They will need a really thorough clean emphasising the word “thorough”, you will probably have to do it a couple of times filling the lines with beer in between over a few days. It will come right in the end but it takes time, used to have the same problem with caravan parks. In the future as well drawing plenty of fresh water through at each clean. Every few cleans or so, clean with cleaning fluid. Something to bear in mind if those lines are connected to the ones that are in use, your beer won’t be tasting that good anyway.

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