Is it illegal to serve customers beer slops from the overflow tray


I am not aware of any legislation that applies to slops being re-used as part of a drink. A licensee like any other food retailer has a duty of care to ensure best practice in his or her establishment, that is ensuring that food or beer that is sold to customers is wholesome and fit for human consumption.


  1. Is there any reason why a pub cannot give beer slops to a customer for use in beer traps. My local Marston’s pub told me it was against “health & safety”. I thought that was guff.

  2. Any pub still using this disgusting filthy and mean tactic should be closed down without warning.
    No detailed explanation is needed as to what is wrong with it. Only a pig would not be bothered about consuming the potentially infected waste of others. In fact a pig would be more fussy.

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