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BarLittle help please. We are still not due to open for a few weeks. One of the lines has been used for Cider and the keg is now empty. I need to clean the lines and do not have a replacement keg for that line. We have extra cold Glycol coolers and have been told to turn off coolers before cleaning due to freezing. Is there a product that I can leave in the line for a week or so before the next clean as water seems a no no? Thank you.


  1. Here is a quote from the guys at Proton, about 6 posts ago this is probably what you are looking for.

    The best solution even for a week is to use something that can keep the beer line clean and ready to use without the need to leave water and beer in there. One product we manufacture is called Guardian Beerline protector (I haven’t seen or heard of anyone else making a similar product yet but there may be others out there), it is designed to be put into the lines after cleaning and then can sit there for up to 6 months at a time. There is no need to re-clean the lines before putting them back in use just flush with water and then put your beer back on.

    • could be wrong, BUT, i dont think it lasts for six months, may be more like one month, then will have to do again.

  2. A one half percent solution of Britelines is perfect for this task. Britelines is safe to use and ecofriendly and shortly to be certified as food safe.

  3. Hello Smurfy,

    Yes Guardian is the product you can use to keep the lines ready to use between cleans. If the lines are cleaned before introducing Guardian then you wont have to clean them again for up to 6 months.

    Also a 3% solution of Guardian will not freeze in the lines down the -5 (Although we have had a testimonial an unofficial test by a customer in a very cold country who said at 3% it was still liquid down to -19 but we cant guarantee that).

    If you would like any info you can email us at

  4. Thank you all for your help. I will look into both products. I do like the sound of Guardian, especially if it allows you to be ready to go whenever needed.

      • that is right proton group.i should have mentioned that it will stop lines freezing up, but you must still clean the line/lines weekly, just to help stop bacteria forming.

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