Instant Draught Guinness??


I have been hearing about a relatively new gizmo that turns canned Guinness into the perfect pint of draught Guinness after the can has been placed on some sort of electronic oscilating plate. Does anybody know of this gadget and whether it is any good??

In particular, is it any better than Guinness straight from the can and is it normal canned Guinness that you use on this gizmo??

I have a small pub and always struggle to get through a whole keg of Guinness before the best before date has gone. This could be an option for me if feedback is positive).

Thanks in anticipation.



  1. I’ve seen it in a couple of places. I’ve heard it works well. think you have to buy special cans so it isn’t as cost effective as a keg. But if you not selling it that fast then it’s ideal.

  2. It uses an ultrasonic "wave" good bit of kit the only draw back is that you can’t do half pints. 24 Cans tend to cost around £28 – £35 depending on if your tied and supplier etc.

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