Mobile beer line cleaning service


Is the mobile beer line cleaning service saturated now or is there still a demand for this service …thanks


  1. Ernie there will always be room for a good line cleaning service. Publicans will always use a service that offers cleans lines that saves them money through extended line cleans. ‘Extended’ being the operative word. You can always be competitive against the two main players. You will have to develop your own system first. Using magnets or using low frequency electro-magnetic radio waves. When you have developed that and it works then you can go looking for customers.

    Cleaning lines can be a very lonely and boring job. I don’t know how the Heineken people do it full time. It’s bad enough just doing it the odd few mornings.

    • There would be no course as such, you would have develop your own way. First you would have to be familiar with cleaning lines your local would help if they do their own lines. And develop from there. Or you could try someone like these but you would be paying out for the privilege . .

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