Is this legal?


My bar is a university bar that runs seasonally so over the summer we do not have any business. My boss made me put on a keg of Amstel lager at the end of June. Then it was taken off a few days later. It was then left all summer and now I have had to reconnect it for sale again yesterday. The keg’s best before date was 29 Aug.

The beer looks a bit cloudier than before and tastes a bit vinegary (if that’s a description). However, he has told me to keep on selling it.

Is this legal?


  1. While I wouldn’t fancy it, especially if it takes or smells off, a best before date is just that – your product (should) be better before that date and decline.
    A “Use By” date is considered the point where it should not be on sale.

  2. It wouldn’t be illegal, to answer your question. But once you’ve introduced bottle gas it will start to deteriorate after a week, it other words it wont taste as good as should. It doesn’t really matter about the best before date. Whether you drink it or not it is up to you.

    If the beer is cloudy the lines should be thoroughly cleaned before use anyway, especially if they have been left in water, overtime the water stagnates. Cloudy beer is usually down to the lines but in this case it could be product.

  3. Well it’s academic really because you will be refunding every pint you sell. A reputation for terrible beer is difficult to shake.

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