John Smith's Fobbing after gas leak


Hi Folks!

Recently a gas leak was found and repaired on the secondary valve on our JS line.

Since then we have been experiencing excessive fobbing on both cold and smooth JS lines.

We don’t seem to have a flow regulator which seems to be the problem as it flows a little too fast.

Any ideas?

Thanks everyone!


  1. Probably the gas wasn’t set at the right pressure to start with and the Technician who has just repaired it set it at the right pressure. As you quite rightly diagnosed if the dispense speed is too fast it needs a flow regulator to slow it down. You will have to put out for another repair call and then the tec will then install flow regulators for you. Make sure you put in a fobbing call though and not just ask for flow adjusters, Or it may go through as an install and then you could be waiting ages.(woot)

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