keg goes off


just got these beers on my bar at home just wondering how long will they last before not drinkable any more ie not good enough to sell john smiths tetleys carling and carlesberg becouse people telling me one week 6 weeks 4 months and would it last longer if disconnected coupler and gas on a night


  1. A week, the industry says five days it will deteriorate after that, or will not taste as nice. To stop co2 absorption keg couplers should be disconnected when not in use.

  2. Looking at the sell by date is irelivent once a keg has been broached[opened]. If I had a penny for every argument I have had with landlords over this issue I would have as much money as Nicoteenrush. The best before date as it appears on the keg label, means that providing the keg has not been opened then that keg is good for sale up to that date.For establishments with low through put it is always best to use the smallest keg size available. Carlsberg do a 20 litre version of export I think.

  3. after a few months of trading. you have an idea of what you are selling. seller poor seller. if its a good seller get an 18.gall keg. two if you must. BUT not on the poor sellers. get the smallest keg of that brew you dont want two 36s of [say] mild if you only sell 10 or 11 gall a month. even if you are offered two for the price of one. if you dont sell it its not cheap or cost efectve.common sence i would have thought.

  4. Industry rule of thumb is that Keg products should be on serve for 5 days maximum and Cask products for 3-4 days. This is from the first tiem you broach the keg.

    Always disconnect the gas when not is use to stop you over carbonating the product in the keg. Keeping Kegs cold will help to extend this timing but as suggested before only get keg sizes to suit what you can sell in a week.


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