Keg Lager is dispensing slow


lagerIf your keg lager is dispensing slowly check the following.

  • In the cellar check the keg is not empty.
  • Ensure the gas supply to the keg is connected to full cylinders and is turned on.
  • Check the gas supply to the keg coupler is turned on at the secondary valve. This is usually mounted on the cellar board above the keg.
  • If an electric pump is fitted to the lager make sure it is switched on and that the pump is primed. The pump is usually primed through a small bleed cock mounted on the side of the pump. There may be a red or green priming button fitted to the pump, which should be pressed after priming.
  • If a non-electric, gas type pump is fitted make sure the gas supply to it is turned on.
  • Finally at the bar make sure that if adjustable taps are fitted, usually on Stella dispensers, that the tap is not fully adjusted shut.

If you still have slow lager you should contact your local Technician.


  1. Hi last week a technician came out to look at a pump where I work. He asked wot was wrong and I said the carling pump is really slow to pull. So he adjusted something underneath the pump and it now comes out faster. Only problem is that it’s fobbing a lot so I’m wanting to turn it back down. He can’t come back out until Monday, so how can I do it myself. Cheers

  2. Unless your technician has shown you how to do it, it is a bit difficult to explain. I’m sure you can call him back out over the weekend if its urgent.

  3. at my pub we have t bars. on one of the kronenbourg taps one pours out realy slowly and the other pours out fine(when the line has been cleand of course). all the other keg taps pou out fine so why does this one tap pour so slowly?

  4. As the flow controllers under the bar start to get blocked up with yeast the flow rate can begin to slow down. If you know how to try opening and closing the flow control to break the build up. Its best to do this whilst the line is in water after a line clean because it can dislodge a lot of muck.

    Hope this helps

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