Lager just keeps on a-coming!


Hi all.

BarFirst time poster with a new home bar, so be gentle….

So.  New bar is in, 1st keg was Kronenberg, 2nd was Budweiser.  Managed to kill 2 Maxi flash coolers, until I snapped and bought a brand new one.  Lovely.  Lager got cold, especially with a jacket round the keg attached to the recirc line.

But then…. I pour a pint, flip the handle back and….. the beer keeps on coming!  It does stop eventually, after about another pints worth, so thinking (hoping) it’s not the fob?  Tap?  Not sure on the right name for the bugger that the beer actually comes out of!

Now, it could be that….. in changing the cooler out 3 times, I’ve manhandled the keg too much?  Could be I had the gas turned up to far?  (But I never went past 2o)

The 3rd keg has just gone in, so on the weekend, we’ll see how we go but….. just wondered, anyone else seen that problem?

Thanks all


  1. Has to be the tap, if it is an alumasc tap type try tightening the knurled bit on the top of the body of the tap. Otherwise you will have to get hold of some seals or it would probably be easier to get a new one depending on the type.

    • Not sure what you mean by ‘knurled’ bit chief? It’s a proper Budweiser tap, and there’s a couple of screws, but they just seem to hold it all together. I could be wrong though.

    • The keg is right under the bar, so the pipes are only a meter long and they were new.. Ran 2 kegs through, but not cleaned the lines yet. Is it time, you reckon? How often would you do it? The keg mainly gets hammered at the weekend, maybe 20 to 30 pints.

  2. Is the Tap new or “Used”. You mentioned the cooler was a Used one. Its worth buying new parts. For a start it will be clean. It is then up to you to keep it clean. You are not buying other peoples problems as you do with used “Junk”..

    • You know, I’m not even sure, but I suspect the tap is used. They guy that built my bar provided it. Looks new-ish though.

  3. OR, if when you have filled your glass with beer, DONT help the tap back to the upright position, in other words, FLIP the tap back up, on the other end of the tap is a black plastic/rubber stopper, it may not be hitting the hole first time ,or just sticking, FLIIPPING the tap back, will help to seal the beer off.
    also, try not to pull tap open a little bit theen closing, as in TOPPING the glass up, either OPEN the tap fully or close it.

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