Lets have a beer with Duncan


Never mind Susan Boyle this guy has real talent. I get a mention in the song as well. What would we do without beer? Which is better beer or sex?-sex or beer? I could live without sex maybe, but a world without that sweet , glorious nectar, would be a world hard to contemplate. Mind you if I don’t have sex then I could always console myself by having a few beers. There again sex is good. But in my case beer lasts just a bit longer, so is a better proposition. On balance I’m going for beer. There again I am a bloke of a certain age and maybe my preference is something to do with having drunk too much beer in the first place, see where I’m going with this. Anyway I’m gonna have another beer with Duncan, my mate.


  1. I must say I heard better versions, are you sure it isn’t you miming to the song? This is a better adaptation the second half, but very depressing.

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  2. Bloody hell mate,this is a different song you drongo!! Im crying into my schooner! Slim Dusty..Ausie blues singer or what….

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