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I have had my son cleaning my line for me since he left school 4 years ago. He is thinking of starting a beerline cleaning company in South Wales and has asked me to lend him the money to get started do you think he will get a lot of work (ie Do you think there is a call for it )


  1. Line cleaning full time can be mind numbing and to do it properly can be hard work, before spending too much money see if you can find some pubs near to where you live. People wont pay to have there lines cleaned unless it is awkward, a big place with a lot of wastage, they don’t have the time or you can save them money.

    Another thing to bear in mind most places will want the lines cleaned in the morning before they open this can sometimes mean a 6am start. A lot of brewery techs clean lines but they do this to fill in time in-between installing and repairs. So the pubs closer are the ones to get or you could be wasting your time. People will very rarely pay you more to clean their lines than they would pay themselves.

  2. thanks for that he was thinking of charging £30 he can do my lines in 2 hours but they are stright forward and I give him £25. how much do you think he sould charge also how much do the tec guys charge any idea.

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