Line cleaning pump


Hello does any one know where in the UK or n I you can purchase a commercial 240v recirculating beer line cleaning pump new second hand or reconditioned as the all seem to be American and what is the best pump thanks Damian


  1. You seem to be asking for something that isn’t standard to UK systems – a re-circulating beerline cleaning pump. Perhaps if you were to describe exactly what you are trying to do?

    • Thanks for your reply hoppy looking into starting a beer line cleaning business from what I have read is that on long beer lines the most efficient way to clean is with a recirculating pump or does most places have their own built cleaning system that you connect the coupling from the keg into just trying to get as much knolage as I can and to do the job property looking to learn from tecs who have experience thanks

      • Does no one in uk or ireland use a reciirculating line cleaning pump that you connect when you remove the faucet and use jumpers and couplers to connect the lines togeather so the cleaning is pressurized cleaning with a bottle in the uk if the pub does not have a plumbed gas cleaning system how do you clean the lines and how do you know what system the are using when you are first starting out so you are prepaired to clean their lines and get to do the job and how do to convince the pub that the need your services and you can improve their beer quality thanks

  2. Hi Damian, most pubs clubs hotels in the UK use this system with a gas pump.
    If you wish you could adapt this to use a electric pump it doesn’t need to be a recirculating pump though unless you are recirculating cleaning fluid up and down the line for some reason. Which would be pointless as cleaning fluid loses it strength very quickly once in use. The reason we use gas pumps now, is the safety aspect with the chance of water spraying from a joint or coupler or something like that. Though we did used to do it that way in the distant past.

    If I was you I would use the system that is already in place, make sure this is definitely what you wish to do, not many people like line cleaning. Start by cleaning out the lines of your local most importantly use a quality line cleaner. Then develop your own system using something like magnets or an acoustic system to try and extend the period in between line cleans, this would then make it cost effective for a bar to employ you. But in the end your line cleaning regime must be spotless and beer quality must A+.

  3. Thanks for the reply the Americans like cleaning the lines with a recirculating pump no one in the UK uses this system how do you convince the bar owner that the need a line cleaning service unless the are getting complaints about the quality of there beer is there any way to test the beer the are probably thinking the are doing a good enough job thanks

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