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fob-detector-bleedHello everybody,

I have lurked on this site for a while as it usually has the answer to any problems that arise at work. I have been working in bar and pub management for roughly ten years and Inn Doctor is my go-to for technical issues. One came up today which I have never seen or dealt with before.

Picture the scene: You’ve come in early to see in a delivery (which never turned up incidentally) and decide to kill two birds with one stone and do a line clean. You connect the connectors to the wall sockets, fill the tank with water, switch the gas over to the line-clean pump and start filling the buoys. But today the buoys don’t want to fill – some liquid makes it in but a ton of gas too. The pump is clacking away like mad and the buoys just ain’t filling. The gas canister is fine, there are no bubbles coming from the tank, the barrel connectors are all firmly clicked into the wall sockets, there are visible bubbles in the lines that run from the pump to the sockets.

What else should I check before calling an engineer?





  1. Hello Nick I don’t want to suggest the obvious but is the cleaning bottle (water bottle) bottom fed of does it have a white plastic rod going in to it? Sounds to me like if its the latter that it might not be in the bottle and the reason for the noise and air in the fob is because the fob is searching for the water?

  2. Either the pipe connected to the cleaning bottle has a loose connection and is drawing air in or a barrel connector on the wall socket still has gas valve turned on.
    for every barrel connector follow the gas line up to the valve mounted on the board and check it is turned off.
    reverse when going back onto beer.

  3. You should check that you haven’t left one of the gas valves switched on, as mentioned the Guinness is favourite. But as the cleaning gas pump is clacking away this would suggest that there is an airlock within the pump and as there are no air bubbles coming up from the cleaning container (you could also make sure that the down pipe isn’t split and the joint at the top of the bottle is fully tight just to make sure), I would look to the jubilee clip on the inlet of the pipe is fully tight. Otherwise it would either be the seal on the inlet connection or the gas pump itself and you would need a replacement.

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