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What is the best cleaning system I can use?


    • HI Boz, we are not allowed to sell on here, keep being told off. but what I would say is use a great line cleaning product and a great process and you are most of the way there. The idea with cleaning is knowing when you have done a good job. Verification chemicals such as Desana VERIFY allows you to see when the line is truly clean. rather than just going through the motions of cleaning. If you are passionate about your beer then you need to be passionate about hygiene too. Happy to help and it wont cost £35 per week !

  1. Hi all,

    Call me biased, but I’m confident that our system is best. In as few words as possible i’ll summerise what our system does.

    1: It is an automatic beer line cleaner that simply replicates an industry standard 7-day line clean.

    2: It uses the correct detergent strength as stated by on the bottle from your chosen manufacturer. It uses the right dose and for the right amount of time. We don’t use extra pressure to speed up timings, because that is proven to damage lines more quickly, leading to expensive replacement of lines.

    Our system looks after your beer lines because we mix the detergent with the current ratio of water before it enters your lines.
    You can clean up to 10 lines at once, freeing up time for you to do other jobs
    You are not tied to any brewery, you are still free to use any products
    We don’t replace any ringmain equipment, as our machine is independent from your dispense system
    Finally, from only £35 per week, the machine will because yours at the end of the lease. This includes service and maintenance inclusive for the lease period, so no surprise call out charges.

    If there are anymore questions, we’d love to hear from you. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook @BierProUK
    Or visit our Website :

    Jordan – BierPro

      • WOW lots of differences between this and Beerpiper. BierPro is what used to be called Phoenix ABC and has recently re branded to Bierpro. We know both systems very well and they have their positives and negatives. each to their own. One thing is for sure, any conversation about line cleaning is a good thing. All I would say is if you are going to do it, do it well.

        • We’d agree Michael. We don’t believe everyone needs a line cleaning system as they have manual cleaning off to a T and have excellent results. We often visit sites who want BierSavers and we can see by fob chambers that they really do an excellent job of line cleaning.

          But some people like the fact they can leave our machine running and cleaning lines while they do other jobs, such as one customer who does all the kitchen prep so he can do 2 things at once.

          We’d love to start a campaign to raise awareness of clean lines and the importance of doing the job using either way.

          We have rebranded to make our product line simpler to understand. Some of our machines are still working week in and week out, in some cases more than 25 years! Proves how robust they are.

          Jordan. BierPro

          • Well maintained engines do on on if maintained. But lets be sure of the message here, its not how good the machine is that was the original question. It was what is the best system? Cleaning every line to a level of verified clean is the only way to clean lines. How you get the line cleaner there (Jordan) is up to you. We have seen some great results from BierPro and our chemical. But alas people tend to buy cheap stuff thinking its only cleaning. Work out how much you waste from your drip trays each week. Convert that to a retail loss and then tell me our line cleaner at around a tenner is expensive.

          • Quote from Jordan –
            We’d love to start a campaign to raise awareness of clean lines and the importance of doing the job using either way.

            Really!!!………..You’re a bit late to the party with that one I’m afraid Jordan we’ve got thousands of posts and comments, on here from over the last 15years relating to beer line cleaning. We even have our own homepage dedicated to it.


            Our ‘how to clean beer lines’ article has now had well over a million hits.

  2. Hi Bill. It certainly isn’t. It’s nothing like a Beer Piper system.

    We don’t rush anything and use high pressure. We stick to industry standards and don’t cut corners.


    • It does seem to tick a few boxes, I like the fact you endorse a good line cleaning product and not some three minute wonders. I like the beer savers we used to have brass ones only we used them to gauge the gas pressure.

  3. Brewers like carlsberg are now selling their own line cleaning systems and you only have to clean once a month using regular fliud. I think they charge £40 a week

      • Carlsberg and Heineken have two very different systems to Beerpiper and BierPro. Carlsberg’s tech requires a clean to be done by the pub team, Heineken have a dedicated team that come around and do it. As Steve says the key is temperature and reducing the line volume to avoid bottle necks and hot spots. They also clean the elements of the systems that a standard 7 day clean doesn’t. IE taps and couplers. We are in a different world now to that of 10 years ago.

  4. Which is a bit odd bearing in mind the brewing industry recommends 7 day cleans.

    They are effectively hyper cooling and using extra lagging on their lines to eliminate hotspots. But it isn’t always successful. It wasn’t in our hotel and we had it removed. The beer quality was poor and we couldn’t touch the equipment.

    Also, it was a long contract and a lot more than £40 a week, almost times that. They and Heineken tie you and then you have to pay £14 a line to be cleaned. In the end it wasn’t worth the effort and cost. Cost us to put the ringmain back too.

      • We’ve got 8 lines. Thankfully we’re not a big pub as it was expensive enough. Our python goes over the kitchen and the lines got hotter than they expected I think.

        It may work better in other circumstances but it was an expensive lesson for us. We prefer to look after our own lines now and, as I’ve just seen in your comment to the guy earlier, we always buy quality chemicals. Tried cheap once. Again, we had fobbing issues before 7 days.

        • Good for you, and thats a lot of money for 8 lines Steve. WOW. As long as you are getting out what your customers keep coming back for, then good for you. Measure quality in = measured quality out.

  5. That’s true Michael. As you say each to their own and we definitely recommend that our customers buy quality detergent and for the correct water hardness too.

    No matter how the line is cleaned, the detergent is the key. Sadly many think it’s like nipping to Tesco and choosing washing up liquid, but without the detergent being of the right kind and quality neither our system or manual cleaning will do the job as effectively if they’ve only used price as the deciding factor.

  6. Disagree. Itis important how you clean your lines. Its not just the fluid. Protinate is my choice. Soaking for the correct period and lots of flushing is the key. You tell people to use wiz bang fluid and all will be well is a receipt for people getting lazy.

    • It’s not important, its critical how you do it as I have said, I like Protinate its a really good chemical but it doesnt give me any feedback. which I like. But as we have all said each to their own.

  7. A good clear line cleaning product will give you more feedback as you call it, than ever a dyed product ever will.

  8. What I meant was to those who don’t visit sites like this and who don’t appear to take line cleaning as seriously as you and your followers. And to help them find the information.

    Could we put a link to Inn Doctor from our website?

    Many thanks

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