How long will my cider keep once opened?


There is lots on this site about lager/bitter shelf life but nothing on cider or if there is I can’t find it.

i realise that cider lines need to be cleaned weekly but how long will the cider itself last once it has been connected up.

Im thinking of stocking Somersby or Strongbow type cider.


  1. when you go to the shops, and buy any kind of food, there is a “sell by date”, that date is if the product is UNOPEND ,that is how ling it will last, ciders will mostly last a year, UNOPEND, once opened ,bread ,will only last days, it’s the same with ANY product with a sell by date on it, same with ales stouts, and lagers, once opened lasts a week at the most, depending on conditions in the cellars.

  2. Draught cider sales drop off during the colder months, we`ve had a keg of strongbow dark fruits on for 3 weeks now with no loss in quality.

  3. I will agree with Douglas with this one, once you have introduced bottle gas to the cider and it starts to absorb into it. After a week the quality starts to deteriorate its the same with Lagers an Bitters. You might not notice straight away but your seasoned drinkers will be able to tell.

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