Lumps of mould in keg beer!


feathery white bits in carling lagerHello all.
I’ve recently taken over a bar whose lines were neglected rather over the last couple of years. They were cleaned, but not regularly enough. For the past three months, I’ve cleaned the lines thoroughly every one to two weeks.


The cellar is clean and tidy. However, I still get lumps of mould coming through two of my taps. A few times I’ve emptied the lines of liquid so that there’s just gas coming through.


When I then bring water through, there are lots of lumps of mould coming through. Could this mean that there’s an air pocket somewhere in the system? It’s a quiet bar – we’re only open one to three times a week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Diolch yn fawr / Many Thanks


  1. Hi Cian – Sounds as if you still a lot of crap still in your lines and the line cleaner your using isn’t up to the job. Until this issue is resolved you should be cleaning at least once a week. Pipeline do a bottoming out kit or use at least the Pipeline Gold. Personally I would go for the Heavy duty cleaner Protinate by proton and give it a really thorough clean (following their instructions of course). They also do a stronger one called “Blitz” but that is normally only used by some Technicians. You haven’t said which products they are, sometimes yeast seems to collect in the Stainless steel Carling taps for that you would have to call out Tech Services. Hope this helps.

  2. HI Cian sounds like a job for an AVANI SOS, this will not only clean the lines but it will also tell you exactly where in the dispense system the issues are so you can focus your attention on those parts. From a simple stand point if you are still pulling out lumps of something it means they exist in the line somewhere. If the lines have built up dirt from years of neglect it will take a little while to get to the bottom of it and it will have grown in layers, which could include hard water deposits Ie scale. Which none of the above mentioned cleaners will clear as they will only treat organic dirt, yeast and biofilm. Its a good point raised by Hoppy about which beers the issues are on, as some beers react differently than others. On all counts, happy to discuss for you to achieve the best outcome for you.

  3. Many thanks for the input. The products are Carlsberg and Guinness. I also have Brains Smooth and Strongbow – both those lines are clear. The problem only occurs during cleaning, so I’m assuming the problem is in the cleaning line. The product itself is clear and tastes good, so at least I’m not poisoning my customers and losing custom. But obviously I still need to sort it! I have been cleaning thoroughly weekly and the problem is still ongoing. I don’t think it’s scale, as we’re in a very soft water area.

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