Mackeson update!


We have learnt from Julie one of our readers that Mackeson is no longer being stocked at her local Tesco, Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets.Is this a national trend? The brand currently owned by Innbev is now produced by Hydes Brewery Manchester.
We can never understand why Mackeson which used to be a major brand back in the 1950s and 60s, has never been promoted properly since. It used to come in half pint and pint bottles before the advent of cans and was always on the back shelf of most pubs. Mackeson over bitter or mild was a common drink. We will go on record in saying that as a stout Mackeson is every bit as good as Guiness and deserves recognition as such.
Perhaps someone from Innbev can let us know if Mackeson is being phased out in the UK, we truly hope not.


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