Metallic taste


Hi all , not posted on here before so hope it works .. have been running a busy sports club for 5 years now .. earlier in the year we had the python and cleaning system changed, as it had been in for 25 years and needed doing . The beer came out lovely and all customers noticed a big difference .. for the last two weeks however I have had complaints about the carlsberg lager tasting strange.. like a metallic taste . I clean the lines every week as I have done for the last 5 years. Any ideas ?


  1. Are you are the like cleaner is rinsing away properly? A kind of “sucking a coin” flavour is standard for not flushing thoroughly.
    Have you perhaps changed your brand of line cleaner or concentration?
    Of course it could be the kegs. Can you swap to another font temporarily or lash yourself a fresh tube directly onto a font in the cellar for a taste test or even run some out of the fobber if you have one?

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