Metered dispense fault


pump and metersHi all, I’m a bit rusty when it comes to metered equipment so was wondering if any of the techs could help out. I have a problem with a bar valve running on when the switch is pressed resulting in having to knock off the power to stop it.


The bar valve has been replaced as has the meter but the problem persists. It is not a new install and was working fine until yesterday. Can anyone shed any light on this?



  1. Hi, does the green light stay on when the bar valve is running on? If the bar valve is new then it is not likely to be dirt in the solenoid. It could be the bobbin sticking in the meter. You can see if it is stuck up on the older type meters but not on the newer minit meters. Debris can cause the bobbin to stick up causing the meter to over run.
    Does the meter need resetting when this happens? more info please….

  2. Cheers for the reply mate. Seem to have sorted the problem. It was the meter after all, I was told the meter had been replaced but apparantly not. It was a minit meter by the way and after switching the meter from another room (there was 3 running off the same fob) it dispenses fine. Out of interest, is it possible to repair the meter or is a new one required?

  3. Glad you sorted it. It sounds as if the meter you replaced has dirt in one of the 4 solenoids or the bobbin is stuck up. Not sure of the cost of new meters these days but you may be able to get one service exchange. Worth a try. have a look on the net.
    Personally I like meters. It takes a lot of the short measure…can you top up please nonsense out of the equation.
    Glad you’re back on service. 🙂


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