Metered Stones problem


pump and metersHas anyone every had any problems with metered stones pump. The switch at the side which gets the beer flowing is just not responding. I’ve been down cellar and pressed prime and it pulls no problem.


But when back upstairs it doesn’t pull and the green light doesn’t come on either. I’m thinking its a problem with the actual switch and not downstairs? I hate metered and currently trying to go all free flow. Thanks in advance.


  1. Try bridging the two wires in the switch inside the bar valve with a screw driver. It sounds like it’s the switch itself or a break in the wire somewhere if it’s firing direct from the meter.

  2. Could be the switch or just a faulty meter. I look after an account that has 154 minit meters. I replace them quite regularly due to this fault. As most of these meters used by Brewers are refurbished I suppose the internal electrics are getting pretty tired. If it’s not the switch you need a new meter. Cheers

    Meters a plenty.
    Meters aplenty


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