Mothballing a keg setup



I have a 4 line setup I use for small events , currently I clean the lines before an event then again after leaving water in the lines and cooler or drain it so it’s stored dry, was wondering if I could just leave the beer in at the end of events so only have to do 1 clean , and weather leaving the lines with water or drained out is the best option 




  1. I prefer to give the lines a really thorough clean before the event, rather than after . There’s nothing worse than the stagnant water taste and smell, you get by leaving water in the lines. Proton have a product called ‘guardian’ that you mix with the final rinse which will eliminate this if it is being stored for a few months. I do prefer to store dry though I don’t seem to have any problems doing it this way.

  2. Thanks for the reply Maveric the first time I left them dry I got little black mould spots in them so changed them all to be on the safe side , think I might go down the gardian route next
    Cheers for the info

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