My glass wash seems to be leaving a residue


glass careHi please could you ring or point me in the right direction.? My glass wash seems to be leaving a residue in the glasses making things go flat please help.



  1. I would first suggest you get hold of and try some Renovate (A powder version would be best, I don’t advocate Liquid Renovate as I have seen some dubious results from it (We do supply Renovate in sachets and tubs, but other manufacturers are available).  If you are already renovating then you need a service engineer to come it to check dosage levels of the rinse aid and detergent.  Overdosing will cause deposit issues and be wasting money, then there can also be the drying temperature, if it is above 62 degrees centigrade it could be that rinse aid is drying to the inside of the glass before it has time to run off.  Glasswashers should only wash at 50-55 and rinse at 60-65 anything hotter and it causes damage and possible thermal shock (Where a glass explodes/shatters when it hits cold air).
    If the film is around the lip area of the glass then this could actually be a build-up of lipstick or food grease to remove that you need something like Quash which takes about 2 seconds per glass and is used before you put the glasses into the glasswasher.

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