My Keg Cream Flow Bitter is serving flat












All keg cream flow or extra smooth bitter products have a device fitted on the end of the tap called a diffuser. The diffuser is designed to liberate nitrogen from within the beer. No diffuser no creamy head.

Different cream flows have their own type of diffuser. Tetley Smoothflow, John Smiths Extra Smooth, Boddingtons etc, all have individual diffusers for their Taps.

A diffuser has a holed disc fitted inside, either plastic or metal. As you look into the diffuser you should see it in place.
These holes should be all free from debris.

As well as special diffusers being fitted Cream flow beers have to be dispensed using the correct mixed gas. It is important that the correct gas is used. Because of similar fittings on mixed gas containers it is possible to use the wrong gas. Check with you local technician if you are not sure what gas should be used. Most cream flow beers use 70/30 mixed gases. If your Cream flow is flat check the following.

  • Make sure correct brand diffuser is fitted
  • Check the diffuser disc is in place.
  • Check all the holes are clear from debris.
  • Make sure correct gas is in use in accordance with brewery  instructions.
  • If problem persists call for your local Technician
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