My keg Lager is fobbing.


If lager is to be dispensed correctly and without waste it should be served chilled at temperatures between 4 and 6 degrees centigrade. Coolers are used to reduce the temperature of the lager. These are either flash coolers or remote coolers.

You will see flash coolers generally below the lager dispenser. Make sure they are switched on, and that the grill is free from blockage.

Remote coolers are also used, but as well as cooling your lager products, they also cool other products on the bar. These coolers are usually located near the cellar. Make sure they are switched on. Make sure your electric pump is switched on and primed or if you have a Gas Pump make sure that it hasn’t been inadvertently turned off.


Other causes of fobbing lager may be due to poor line cleaning procedures or the lager dispensing too quickly, the dispense speed for lager should be between 13 and 18 seconds per pint depending on the product. Stella is one of the few to have an adjustable tap; otherwise you will have to call your local Tech Services to service it.


  1. my carling pump was pulling really slow yet it was still a perfect pint. The tecnician turned it up and now its fobbing way to much. He adjusted something under the pump itself. He cant come back out until monday and now the beer is off sale. What did he do so that i can put it back? cheers

    • There is a twist thing which makes the beer faster or slower .under the dispenser .. best to do it when you line clean and at the time your using water … no waste and you can watch the water come out slow or fast …… i

  2. Unless your technician has shown you how to do it, it is a bit difficult to explain. I’m sure you can call him back out over the weekend if its urgent.

  3. my carling pulls fine tho near the end of a barrel it starts to fob there is still 6-7 pints left in the barrel do you know how this is happening

  4. my carling pulls good pints up untill the last 6-7 pints of the barrel then it starts to fob do you know what maybe causeing this thankyou

  5. Another cause can be small amounts of air being sucked in through pinholes in pipes. These mostly occur where circlips fix pipes to heads and pumps. Over time the clips pressure can cause the plastic to crack. Check along line from keg upwards and see if bubbles sudden;y show in the pipe.Solution cut offending 1″ pipe off and re-fix clip

    Fobbing on low kegs can be caused by a couple of reasons. First the product has been on sale for a long period of time and the beer has absorbed more gas than it is designed to. The top pressure to the keg is to high forcing more gas into the beer, solution get tech services to adjust valve to product.

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