My Keg Lagers and Beers are warm



If all your keg beers and lagers are serving warm you have a major problem.

If you have a large pub or hotel then you will probably have one or two remote coolers. These will often be located somewhere near your cellar. They are, a large box like machine with lots of pipes coming from the top.

Once you have located the machine make sure it is switched on. This is the only thing you can check. Even if the machine is running it may still be faulty.

Ring your local Tech Services right away


  1. Hi Inn Doctor

    In this article you say that the only thing you can check here is if its switced on.

    Surly thats not true, because if your beer is not cold then that would suggest that there is a problem with the ice bath (remote coolers have lids on the top where you can lift a part of it and look into the cooler) which may have melted because the water inside the tank (in the picture with the blue lid on it), has run low and has not been topped up. There for after the tank has been filled up again after a few hours the ice bath has built back up and then chills the beer


    • Inndoctor does not recommend you touch or tamper with equipment. If the remote cooler is not cooling your beer and you can see no ice in the inspection hole then the cooler is not working. If there is low water topping up will not resolve this problem as the unit must have a leak. Topping up could cause electrical problems. These coolers are complicated units and as such if there is a perceived problem it is always best to consult Tech Services.

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