Do you need to pull beer through each day?




Do you need to pull beer through and throw away each day when you open up and also when you change a barrel. I thought if the lines were clean this wasn’t necessary.


  1. If your lines aren’t clean this will affect the beer that is in the lines overnight, you are correct this is the only reason you would draw beer off before a session. So it makes sense to keep your lines spotlessly clean and you will save a fortune in wastage.

  2. The beer in the line overnight wants throwing as it isn’t in the cask and so reacts to air and won’t be good. Clean line or no clean line.

  3. Hi Ann

    The last answer really referred to keg beers rather than cask ales as the picture illustrates.

    However with cask ale there will be slightly different issues. Depending on how your cask ale set up is put together. If your beer engine is connected via a 5/8 pipe directly to the cask tap then overnight the ale in the beer engine and pipe in the bar will warm to bar-room temp and lose its condition.

    If the set up you have is a gas pump in the cellar driving the ale through the python to the beer engine via a check valve. Overnight the ale to the check valve will be kept chilled and under pressure(holding the co2 in solution) thus keeping it in good condition. However the ale in the beer engine will have warmed to bar-room temp which is usually ¼ or ½ pint only (depending on the beer engines cylinders size) will have lost its condition.

    The best set up of all would be the last set up but with the beer engine itself connected to the python thus cooling the whole system keeping the co2 in the ale from cellar to bar, thus in good condition.

    Also if you were to screw up one of the older type sparklers to seal off the spout at the end of each shift to prevent any co2 leakage from the beer engine, it would be perfect (no one does this though).

    In theory at least if the lines are spotlessly clean you shouldn’t have any wastage at all even with cask ale.

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