New Bar just been built


Have jst had a bar built in my garage . Have puchased the following equipment

2 product cooler

2 tap tower

Mixed gas primary regulator

Secondary regulator

2 keg couplers of your choice

All pipes and fittings


I am planning on having a lager and a bitter am I ok with a 60:40 gas mix for both.

Kegs will be kept under the bar. Will I need to  keep the kegs themselves at a  temperature of about 12  degrees.

Is there a course I can go on to learn all about keeping my beer,  equipment cleaning etc or if someone local happy to pay for your time to give me a tutorial (village beween Bedford and St  Neots)

Where is best to source keg beer having no luck to date with local micro breweries

Thank you


  1. The optimum temperature for kegs is around 13 degrees which you will struggle to get unless they’re kept in a chilled room, especially in the summer months. As for gas you can get away with serving both lager and bitter on 60/40 But you will need a secondary valve for each keg feed as the bitter will need much less pressure to the keg. If you have no experience in installing one of these systems it’s worth getting someone in to do it for you. Use the internet to find kegs there are plenty of independent sellers nowadays

  2. Really there is not enough information. Are you going to drink all the lager and bitter yourself or will there be a lot of friends or family. If the through put is small do you need a gas pushed system. Beer doesn’t keep very long. Once opened five days is your max. SO think about quantities before you worry about other things.

  3. I have the set up you are aiming for installed in my shed. You could pop to mine (Hemel Hempstead) and I could talk you through what I have. Dave


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