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BarDoes all bar furniture come with the option of ‘through the bar’ types.  We are setting a new bar top and want to do away with the ‘clip ons’ hanging on the side of the bar. We know that all the beer engines come with that option and all the largers etc. But does say the latest Strongbow pump come with option of through the bar etc. Are all of them made with that option.


  1. I cant answer your question directly but my one comment is the fittings which are fitted “hanging on” the bar are probably easier to remove for servicing or replacement. You only have to slacken off two clamp screws slide the machine off the bar and disconnect the Beer hose and any cooler hoses. It only takes me a couple of minutes to remove a fitting.

  2. I don’t think any beer engines come with a through bar option they would have to be dedicated to that purpose. Not sure but maybe you may be able to convert the angram beer engine.

    Don’t think brewers do dedicated branded through bar fonts either(you would get massive problems to change brands in the future if you wanted to). The best way would be to buy and install the “Through bar T bars” yourself to which the brewers would then add their own taps and plaques.

  3. Iam in agreement with inn doctor, over the years breweries change the designe of bar fonts, some years that are tall, other years ,small, at one time, not that long ago, through the bar was all the rage, and you can/may be able to get through the bar fonts BUT, as inn doctor said ,products come and go, BUT the hole in your bar ,is like a tattoo, there forever, and in time, you may regret having them, NO, stick to glamp ones, easier to move for cleaning, and changing products plus with the hole in the bar, easier for beer to get under ,into the hole ,andmay in time rot that part of your bar.

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