New beer smells of sulphur


cask2Hi, I’ve got three cask ale lines, and recently took delivery of a new brew from a new brewer. I had another kind of beer from him which was fine (very good actually!). This latest one has been pegged for 48hrs, and tapped for 24. It smells badly of sulphur, I can’t serve it. The line it’s on is brand new, all my lines are cleaned weekly. Is it a beer problem or a dispense problem?

Help please?






  1. Hi Janet

    The sulphur (bad egg) smell is usually associated with ripe ale, it doesn’t sound like a dispense problem.

    However as its a new brew you haven’t tried before and you have vented it for 48hrs I would put it down to the ale itself.

    Some of Marstons beers have this characteristic as the norm, it is sought after by some but not me, they call it a bouquet.

    If it looks clear, tastes good then it could be that this is the case your supplier should have warned you. Other than than that I can’t think of anything else, you could vent it longer if it is still hasn’t cleared down. There are so many different brews out there these days some take a lot longer than others to clear down.


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