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I have been dispensing Peroni (6.6 G Kegs) and it tastes and smells as expected for 14 days after kegging.

However, after this time, the product although still pours perfectly develops a funny smell.

I store the keg at 12 degrees, dispense at 3 degrees, and push the beer out using 60/40, with the regulator valve set to 42 psi.

I clean the beer line after each 52 pint keg, along with my faucet and keg coupler.

It’s not a huge issue as there is normally only around 7 pints left after this time period. I’m just wondering what the root cause is because the same thing has happened on my last 2 kegs.

Interestingly, both have had a best before of 05.09.20.

Any thoughts?




  1. Two questions to consider really are you pulling fresh beer through daily. But probably the line is tainting the beer, after two weeks there will be a build up. If you clean the lines thoroughly every 10 days this would probably solve your problem.

  2. Hi Hoppy,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Typically, I’m pouring lager all weekend and them there is no drinking until the Wednesday again.
    I’ll clean the line every 10 days and let you know the result.

  3. Yeah, clean the line just before you use it. It will stew in the line when it is not being used. Probably best to disconnect it from the container and clean weekly.

  4. We always say a container of beer would last a week once you connect it up to bottle gas. This is because the Co2 in bottle gas isn’t as pure as the gas generated during the brewing process, and it so deteriorates in quality quite quickly. So in your case you are pushing it for three weeks. A keykeg is a different kettle of fish as the beer is in a sterile bag being squeezed out by the gas against the wall of the container, so in effect the gas never comes into contact with and get absorbed into the liquid. So it will last for ages.

  5. Thanks for this information Hoppy.
    In terms of cleaning the line after a week (with the keg still half-full) I assume it’s ok to release the gas in the keg via the safety valve and simply re-pressurise after cleaning?

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