Keg beer containers how can I get rid of them?


Over the years I have accumulated some keg beer containers and my dray wont take them away how can I get rid of them?



You don’t say if you are free trade or tied. Beer kegs are in short supply and cost brewers enormous amounts of money, so getting them back is in everyone’s interest. Try this site Failing this, I suggest asking a local wholesaler if they will take them , as they get charged for non returned kegs and I am sure if you ask them they would pick them up for you.


  1. I am looking for about 50 stainless steel beer Kegs. I am willing to offer £5 per unwanted keg however if the option “FREE” is available then that would be great.

  2. Hi everyone and anyone with unwanted beer kegs…….. I need as many 15 gallon metal beer kegs, and would be more than happy to take them all, I have started my own business and recycle old beer barrels into log burners, I am struggling to keep up with demand as I only have one suplyer donating the barrels, please can anyone help? 07593690832 please text me first as I am getting PPI calls and won’t answer any unknown numbers. I am based in north Manchester.
    Please help I’m desperate for barrels, all money made from the barrels goes to a different charity each month so I don’t make any profit I do it for the goodness of my sole.
    Plase help me source free barrels.

    Thank you

  3. hello – does anyone have any old/unwanted kegs in the Wiltshire or Oxfordshire or Gloucestershire area? I only want about 6, no problem if they’re a bit dented or discoloured. Thanks (good/grateful home awaits)

  4. Hi there – anyone out there with any old or unwanted beer kegs? I need 6 for marketing a new business. I’m not particularly fussed about the condition. Based in London on 07812 189080. Many thanks!

  5. i have 6 empty kegs i am in Radcliffe greater Manchester free to anybody who collects them

  6. Anyone in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Manchester or Birmingham got any old kegs they want shot of then I’m happy to take at least some off your hands. Local garage inventor always looking for things to use, build with.

  7. I’ve looked on the kegwatch site on how to get rid of s/s beer kegs but other than them telling you it’s illegal to sell them no help whatsoever ,
    Where or how do you get them back to their owners ?

  8. Something to consider when buying and selling beer kegs and casks. Beer containers have a legal owner. They are stamped with a serial number and in a lot of cases have an electronic tag fitted to enable brewers to keep track of their property. Trading in beer kegs is illegal as it is tantamount to theft. Brewers spend millions of pounds replacing lost or stolen kegs every year and have in place schemes to reclaim their property.
    So just a thought, kegs and casks have a rightful owner.

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