pegs in barrels


pegsHow do you know when to change from a soft peg to a hard peg. And the handle of the beer pump springs back when the peg is in situ, what is the best way to do this? Or are these really stupid questions I’m glad you can be anonymous?


  1. I dont think you should have any pegs in when you are serving. Hard peg only when your ale has dropped bright and at the end od sesion. If your beer engin is springing back i think you must have a peg still in the cask.

  2. You change from a soft peg when the beer has cleared down, putting a hard peg in seals the barrel. If you leave the hard peg in when connected, the beer engine handle will spring back. You should look to Cask Ale section of the site to learn more. They aren’t stupid questions if you don’t know.

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