Polarflow not running


I do a little bar at a community music venue (think village hall with a stage). We have an old and well used polarflow 9 chiller for the beer and lager. Its served us well over time but seems to have become a little temperamental now.
When I go in to set up ive found it doesn’t want to start chilling. I have to press the test switch for a few minutes for it to decide start working. Its as if its decided its cold already.
After a few mins of holding test it will work fine and build ice over a few hours and has the fan running all the time. Then once it is iced up it will switch off but wont come back on again without a burst of the test button.
Any one any ideas what could be up and if its user serviceable.
We obviously don’t have any contract on it or anything and we make a loss on events so could do without a big bill to get someone out.
Thanks in advance!


  1. G’day fov,

    You are going to require the services of someone who knows.

    It sounds to me that an electrical sensor has seen fit to demise.What it is related to I don’t know,but you need to identify the component and then acquire it from somewhere.

    Do you happen to be on particularly good terms with a suitably obliging landlord who just happens to have the telephone number of a suitably obliging Techy Bod?

    This will be your most reliable way through this one.

    Best of luck,Tall Alex.

  2. Hi,
    Yeah I suspect as much.
    I would guess at the ice bank controller or the probe coming off it from a look at exploded diagrams of similar looking chillers.
    I had a word with my local and the landlord basically said innserve would do it but cost a small fortune but his people are from the brewery and he struggles to get them to look at actual issues on their kit so no chance of a tech helping out even for a few beer tokens on the side.
    If anyone knows of anyone who would take a look for a reasonable price in the North Yorkshire area that would be great!

  3. Well a bit of an update;
    Though first a warning, what I have done is by my own choice and at my own risk to my own(ish) kit. I am technically competent and able to check for safety. This also would likey break the chiller if you ran it too long. You have been warned!

    So now everyone is wondering what I have done!
    I took out my trusty multimeter and screwdriver and set about seeing how it all works. And it looks like the two suspect parts essentially measure resistance in the ice bank. Once ice is built up to cover the probe the controller sees the difference in resistance and the relay removes power from the compressor.
    There is also a test switch which is just a momentary switch defaulting to off.
    All I have done is bypass the functionality of the controller and put in place of the momentary switch a toggle switch.
    This is perfectly adequate for my workings as the chiller will run for the night only, be without power until I get there to run it and be without power once I have left. I can also visually monitor the ice bank and turn it off if necessary (I monitor it anyway so this is no different). Lastly this is only the control of the compressor and not the recirc flow or anything else so no worries there.
    This would not serve well if the chiller was to be used in a pub where it would be expected to run all the time but that is not my situation. So im quite happy with my improvements!

    As mentioned before, dont try this at home! 😉

  4. Yeah ive given it a good clean though it wasnt really dirty at all, even given it a jiggle!
    Not sure how much resistance a working probe is meant to show but I cant seem to get any reading off it. So I suspect its a dodgy probe, but for the sake of pence ive got a working chiller vs £30 for the probe to only maybe fix it…

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