Possible layering


We have had the occasional cask go cloudy mid cask then clear again. You only need to pull a few pints off to find the clear ale again, so it could be layering. All casks are rolled before tapping and venting. We use a vertical stillage sysyem.

Any ideas what might be causing this?


  1. Hi Knibby, this is a good one. Just wondering as you use vertical stillage, the rod isn’t getting knocked by member of staff when you are not around. As it only happens now and again that really rules out and infection in the line. You haven’t said does it happen when in full swing or at the beginning of the shift. Vertical extraction draws from the bottom of the cask. It could be worth giving a cask widge a try to see if it still happens. Let us know if you find out the problem.

  2. Years ago this used to happen after a storm with thunder and lightening. Don’t know if this is true but that is what we used to be told.

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