Post mix cooler


My bar is open from Friday night to Monday night so would it be ok to turn off the post mix cooler when my bar is closed after Monday and turn it back on on the Friday as opposed to it being on during the week when it’s not needed?


  1. It depends on what sort of cooler it is and how it works. Most cooler build up an ice bank inside so it can service flow through. If it’s an ice bank one you may need to turn it back on on Thursday so it builds up again. Not too sure how the post mix ones cool the product but if there is no ice bank I can’t see there being an issue. Dave

  2. I would leave it on as with post mix coolers they have a recirc pump that pumps the soda water around the python with this being turned off the water will go flat in the line and needing to be pulled through before being used again. Also it will need time to cool down and rebuild its ice bank (warm pop=flat pop) as mentioned above. I always advise to leave coolers turned on as there will be a time that something will fail (and sods law its one of the busiest days) and you won’t notice until the day you turn it back on resulting in no dispense. So at least you will have notice to call out tech services.
    All coolers work the same as fridges the compressor will run until it gets down to temp then will shut off until temp increases and needs to kick in again so if you dont turn off your fridges why turn off your coolers?


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