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Postmix cellarI’m hoping someone may help me out. I have a postmix under counter cooler in my bar and it’s continuously running, (the compressor). It kicks out a massive amount of heat. Does anyone know the amount of energy these things use an hour?


  1. Not sure of the amount of electrical power they use. But 10 amps would be the amount of current they would draw, about the same as a domestic fridge. However they do have water recirculating pumps built in and they generally run continuously. During very warm weather most beer flash coolers/post mix coolers will be under pressure and will run more than normally.
    If your soft drinks products are cold then probably the cooler is ok. Might be best to get a Tech Rep out and check things over.
    PS Always make sure there is nothing blocking cooler grills front and back, clean them if they are blocked, hope this helps. Inn Doctor.

    • Thanks for your input Boz. Sadly tec support don’t give a shit, as long as it works. The said cooler is under the bar and has maybe a 2 inch gap around the sides front and top. This means the hot air it expels is in to a confined space. If it’s 10 amps I believe that’s 2-3 KWH so it’s costing me about 5 quid per day to run. We are a small country pub would you say this is excessive?

      • A Mazi 210 with recirc pump has a run current of 2.6 amps, so really can’t see your postmix chiller being a whole lot more. The startup current is probably 5-10 amps but I’ll bet the run current is a couple of amps max.
        Have a rummage for the rating plate and take the details down from there

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