Pub closures


Supermarkets are selling cans of carling for £1.52 a litre, that works out at £152 per 100 litres. An average wholesale price for a 22 gallon keg from your local wholesaler is about £170. Pub chains charge their tenants a lot more than this.
So if you are looking for a reason why so many of our local pubs are now closed or pulled down, ironically to be replaced by supermarkets, look no further. I rest my case.


  1. Sadly Boz you have hit the nail on the head. Add in things like drinking and driving, smoking ban , you can see why people buy it at the supermarket for half the price and take it home. Unless a pub can offer something more then people will stay away.
    It’s sad but the the old back street boozer has had its day.

  2. I see Punch are selling more of their estate off. Anybody want to buy a pub? Tescos will probably buy most and demolish them. I remember saying some time ago that there will be some great pubs for sale that have been mismanaged and run down under the pub chain system. If you had a freehold and bought your beer at the correct competitive price then maybe there could be a good business for some one. All these closed boozers cannot be bad businesses surely. 8)

  3. A chap I know,and occasionally work for,is a Punch lessee.He tried to put in an offer for his gaff last time round and was flatly refused.The given reason?His turnover is good and the rent is always on time.
    He can’t sell the lease because no-one is biting and he can’t buy the freehold because Punch won’t let him.
    Rock and hard place springs to mind.

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