race cask ventilator


non returnHi
I use the blue race cask ventilators (not CO2- just the little plastic device with ballbearings in that one uses instead of a hard/soft spile- they are CAMRA approved). I have 3 that I got from a1barstuff – they are great. I ordered three more and they are different to the original ones I got, although they have the same pat no 2199815. The originals are chamfered and so ‘screw’ easily in to the tut but the new ones have a ridge. The size hole in the tut would be smaller to take this new one. Any one any experience of similar, please?
Many thanks. Enjoy the Bank Hol! Anni :-/


  1. Problem solved. A1barstuff sell two models but they have the same pat no. One with the ridge is for CO2 linked cask ale the other is for use in the tut, the one I want.


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