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Line cleanHi,

I was a publican for years and very well practised in line cleaning etc. Since having a child I am working part time at a bar. I do their line cleaning for them which I think I am getting underpaid for as am on standard minimum rate. Also now another establishment has asked me to clean their lines.

I have 2 questions – how much is the standard rate?
Can I train people up to line clean where I work – are there any insurance issues?




  1. Where are you based jools? There probably is not “standard” rate as it is hard enough to define a standard job. Weekly, 2 weekly 4 weekly, inhibitors etc etc. What are you currently doing and a standard can be considered. Also in terms of training it depends of your methods and the chemicals you use as to the training given. As a company that cleans lines and deals a lot with chemicals we believe that only great training will do and then it is down to the person to deliver great results. Happy to discuss with you as well. We are always looking for great people. Michael AVANI SOLUTIONS.

  2. Hi Jools

    You probably be better off using a business model like these, where you are saving licensees money but you would have to do an excellent job every time, it wouldn’t be like your normal line cleaning.


    This way you would get a reasonable rate for your services. All you need is public liability insurance for you services. Which is something like pub manager cover. Hope this helps

  3. Hello Jools,

    There are many different companies out there who offer line cleaning and they will have different rates depending on number of lines, number of visits per year and how many establishments you want them to clean. I would suggest though that in London minimum rate is below the level you should be paid.

    For training there are many people who can offer you advice and suggestions but I would say you should talk to someone such as the BII who offer industry accredited courses and advice.

    For insurance you would be best to consult a specialist but most publicans clean their own lines and do not have specialist insurance.

  4. Just been speaking to our in house specialist and he has told me that if the person you train works for the pub they are line clean in then they will be covered by the pubs insurance


    if you are setting up your own line cleaning consultancy and going around to different establishments to perform line cleaning and training you will have to have your own public liability insurance for your company.

    Hope this helps

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