Re-opening my pub check list



It’s been a few months since you served your last pint, closed the doors and become a
worried landlord or bar owner. With the possibility of getting our businesses back on
track we need to be prepared. Inndoctor has come up with a few pointers to think
• Switch Netflix off
•  Get the beer lines cleaned, a thorough deep clean including keg couplers,

taps, drip trays and fonts.
The glass washer is next. Put the machine through a hot clean cycle also
checking the detergent and rinse aid levels. Replace if necessary.
• After weeks of standing your glasses will be dirty and dusty. Clean all
glasses. While this is in progress take the opportunity to clean all glass mats
and shelving.
• Spirit optics will need a clean as well. Optic cleaner is available.
• If you serve draught wine then these too will need attention. If you know how
to do this great if not give your local Technical services a call.
• Post mix systems will need a look at also. As above. You need to check the
Best Before dates on your syrup boxes as these may be out of date.
• Bottle coolers should be switched on.
• In the cellar switch on the cellar cooling and check for operation. Leave for a
few hours and make sure the cellar is down to temperature.
• Your icemaker will need looking at. If it has been left switched off then now
is the time to give the hopper[place where the ice sits] a thorough cleaning. If
the icemaker has been left on then then it would be a good idea to throw

whatever ice is in the hopper away and sanitise it before allowing the ice to re-

• Now the big if. If you have fresh draught beer delivered and you expect to
open shortly then switch ON all remote coolers in the cellar and connect
draught beers and pull through to the bar. If you are not connecting beer then
leave all remote coolers OFF.
• Check all beer gases, bottled and bulk.
Some or all of this check list may seem pretty obvious to some but it is just a gentle
reminder. Please visit if you have any items we have missed.

Pub checklist opening.pdf

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