Becks Vier Co2 or 60/40?


Recently the Becks Vier has been pouring with a ridiculously large amount of head. We run the Becks off of CO2 and the other two lagers, Stella and Staropramen, off a 60/40 mix. Is it worth trying the Becks with 60/40 or is there another solution?

Firstly, provided your beer line is clean, the keg of Becks is being sold within at most a week, all cooling systems and gas pressures are correct, then you should not have a problem. The gas of choice for lagers is always CO2. Mixed gas 60/40 can be used with good results. Because of the reduced amount of CO2 in the mixed gas it can in some circumstances prevent fobbing. So if all dispense factors are within spec then maybe you should try mixed gas.


  1. I usually find 9 times of of 10 with becks that it always seems to be a build up of yeast inside the flow controller under the bar. I usually replace them or clean them out… Not sure why it always seems to be becks though.

  2. Becks is known for being susceptable to excess absorption of gas which leads to fobbing. To prevent this, ensure that you swith the Cellar gas off overnight.

  3. We have had lots of problem on our mobile outside bars with becks, it was mainly the glasses…. t has to be really cold too or its all froth!


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