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cellar buoysI am working in a hotel with 2 bars and one of them is often closed in winter time. Now they are going to reopen the one been closed. I am responsible to clean the beer line. I want to know how can I make the beer tap running again. Should I just ask my boss to call the technician or we can just easily to do something else to make the beer running? Thanks


  1. Is the pipe work/tap been disconnected or is the system in place but need a good recommissioning clean before being put into service?

    Is the line needs some mechanical work doing to it, such as reconnecting pipes, fittings etc then I would always recommend a technician does this, only because they can also check the condition of all the seals and fittings to make sure they are okay to be put back into use.

    For just a clean of the system you could do this yourself with the appropriate cleaning chemicals. If you’d like some information on how to do a deep clean let me know.

    • Excellent advice. I use Protinate and find it a really good beer line cleaning fluid and would recommend it.
      Maybe at this time it would be a good idea to Renovate your beer glasses as well. Doing this will make your beer look amazing.

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