ive got a co2 reg a mixed gas regulator and ithink a nitrogen reg what can i use nitrogen on got thesse lines john smiths tetleys carling carlesberg could someone tell me what regs they would use on each of these lines thanks also that nitrogen reg for thanks again


  1. This site is really for identifying beer dispense problems. When you are messing about with gas, you have to have a knowledge of beer dispense pressures, "code of practice" and should be a qualified dispense engineer. I would not like to be responsible for someone losing an eye or worse so really you should get someone qualified to help you sort your equipment out. To identify the equipment you already have you should find the answer here.

  2. There are no beers which use 100% nitrogen, This would only be used to run gas pumps. As suggested before The regulators should only be set up by someone trained in what they are doing.

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