Review the Carlsberg Quality Dispense System



Like Heineken’s Smart Dispense System, the Carlsberg Quality Dispense System (CQDS) provides a fully enclosed environment from ‘keg to glass’, helping to ensure every pint is delivered consistently and to a perfect standard of quality.

This creates an environment which dramatically slows down the build up of biofilm (yeast), creating conditions that allow lines to be cleaned monthly or even some claim even longer. However unlike the Smart Dispense System, Carlsberg customers are responsible for cleaning their own lines.

The system operates by chilling the beer down to a consistent temperature as soon as it leaves the keg, and then keeping it cool throughout its journey from the keg to the glass.

The benefits of the system it is claimed include improved product quality, consistent dispense temperature, reduced line cleaning wastage and labour costs, improved rate of sale and improved yield per keg.

If you are using the Carlsberg Quality Dispense System, help others make an informed decision as to whether it is suitable for them in the comments section below, by adding the Pros and Cons of your system. E.G. Is it cost effective? Is it reliable? Is it easy to look after?


  1. The company I work for are going to install this in all outlets if you have less line cleaning do you still use old line cleaning systems with same line cleaner every 4 weeks

  2. Yes but still make sure it is a really thorough clean with a good quality cleaning fluid, the system isn’t any type of magic solution. Basically it’s just chilled from the keg coupler all the way to the tap.

  3. Hi What is a better system for about Carlsberg Quality Dispense System or Heineken smart dispense obviously a better alternative where I’m not tied to one of those sue companies?

    • You will be tied after. Heineken clean their own lines so will cost more. With Carlsberg you clean the lines yourself. So it depends the lines will be only as good as the person who cleans them.

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