Review the Heineken SmartDispense System


SmartDispense offers a 4 weekly service call to check all is in order and a professional line clean thrown in as well. Obviously, to benefit from this system, you would have to become a Heineken customer and it is not free, coming as it does at an additional cost.

If you are using the Heineken SmartDispense System, help others make an informed decision as to whether it is suitable for them in the comments section below, by adding the Pros and Cons of your system. E.G. Is it cost effective? Is it reliable? Is it easy to look after?



  1. We’ve had this system in for nearly 2 years now, and can honestly say it is the best thing we ever done. Being a social club, the opening times used to be pretty much evenings only, so the old kit with remotes and flash coolers would always need a pint of froth pulling off before you got a servable pint.
    The flash coolers have now gone, HUK come out once a month to do the line cleaning, and every pint comes out perfect, whether the first of the day or at the end of a busy session. We serve around 45,000 pints a year.
    We did have some initial teething problems with JS Smooth, but this was sorted pretty quickly.
    Can’t actually think of any bad points worthy to mention.

  2. Absolutely shocking the bloke who cleans it walks in with a face like slapped ass and slates it himself!!! N1, Islington.

  3. Avoid like the plague. This is a fancy system designed to tie you into Heineken products.

    I have recently taken on a pub with the system in place. We have 3 months left on the contract.

    It is easy to use and for us has been reliable… but…
    We are a free of tie house where 70% of our business is cask/craft ale. Our cellar is cooled for those products anyway so there is little to be saved with the Heineken system anyway, but this is the real kicker….

    Heineken do not negotiate on their prices once they know you have SmartDispense because they know you are stuck to them. You’ll always pay more, thats on top of the monthly service charge.
    No other company can install their brands into SD unless Heineken agrees, and so as a Freehouse you lose any negotiating power to get cheaper prices by compaing brands. Coors offered me a great deal on Carling and Staropramen, including a cellar refit, if I could get SD taken out.

    So with only a few months left I asked Heineken to remove the system. Cue the Rep being very slow to respond to anything, avoiding calling in, and constantly “working on a better deal” or “Waiting on approval on better prices”. That was 6 months ago. He no longer responds to emails, rarely answers calls and his boss is less useful. There is simply no incentive for them to take this out as it means I still have to buy Heineken products. Im still paying the service charge too (though they did reduce it by 30% when the contract expired). Of course i am free to not pay it, but that means no line cleaning, as there is no way I can do it myself.

    Its now out of contract but Heineken will not remove it and no other company will do it either. So here we are, paying over the odds to have Fosters and Strongbow which on a normal system would have been long gone in favour of more profitable brands.

    Do not fall for sales pitch from the reps. If you are Free of Tie do not sacrifice your biggest advantage just to save a little time on the line clean.

    • Hi,

      We can help you remove the Heineken kit and reinstall normal bar equipment no problem. You get it paid for by selecting a beer supplier and asking them to cover the cost. And I mean an independent wholesaler who will charge you per keg £100 – £120 Max not £200+ that Heineken charge.
      If you get in touch I’ll get you some options sorted.

  4. I removed mine having inherited it from previous owner used to get a retro barrel edge payment but it used to take months to get as you had to invoice them then they decided to stop paying it which was breach of contract so I called them as rep was shite and told them to take it out and replace with a 8 line remote or it wil be in the car park and a picture in the paper rep there next day and all replaced it’s not worth the hype or expense especially if you are a gen freehouse

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