Review the LineClenze Beer Line Cleaning System


The LineClenze Beer Line Cleaning System. Here is some content we have copied from their website.

A wire antenna is wrapped around the outside 20 cm of the beer line. The other end of the wire is attached to the  LineClenze Device.

The LineClenze device generates an oscillating electrical impulse, which agitates the yeast that gathers in the beer lines, reducing the build up dramatically, allowing a longer time between beer line cleaning sessions, with a minimum of 28 days.

Up to 24 beer lines can be attached to a single device.

If you are using the LineClenze Beer Line Cleaning System, help others make an informed decision as to whether it is suitable for them in the comments section below, by adding the Pros and Cons of your system. E.G. Is it cost effective? Is it reliable? Is it easy to look after?


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I am looking at taking on a franchise with LineClenze

who claim there line cleaning system using radio waves into the beer line reduce yeast build up and mean you only have to clean once per month.

Do any members out there know or have used their systems and confirm what is being preached here?

Any information appreciated.



    • Nick
      That’s what I am thinking, I have seen one installation but looks very similar to the stay lean version that’s advertised on this site.
      They are offering franchise all over the UK, you can review the system @

  1. I have seen two installations that do not work and heard the same about a couple of others. Not a scam but….
    I have to declare an interest in that we have a line cleaner – chemical but totally safe in Britelines.

    • George
      Thank you for you honesty here. It did seem to good to be true, and science behind the claims was very sketchy indeed.
      Don’t think I will be taking this any further.

  2. Hey we have worked with a couple of customers to perform deep cleans on lines that had been using line cleanse. Maybe on new lines that are cleaned frequently it’s okay, however it is not at extended intervals. There are many ways you can spend your moneyy that will give you a better return with a longer term investment. But this is not it…

    • Michael
      You are very astute! And correct.

      The Line Clenze system probably does work fine in the short term. BUT it will degrade over time.
      These systems use radio waves to inhibit yeast growth & cause some kind of vibration in the beer. This stops yeast settling in the beer line.

      It is not new science. The understanding has been around since the late 80’s.

      Line Clenze will degrade over time. This is because it generates an analogue radio signal. Over the course of 6 months or so, the harmonics on these analogue signals will start to de-tune essentially. This is as a result of interference from cellar equipment like fans & chillers.

      Its kind of like putting a hair dryer next to an analogue radio.

      Those that sell similar analogue systems, overcome interference issues by cross-selling things such as line cleaning solution. So revisiting the venue every few months to fix the monthly line cleaning system, is paid for by selling sundries.

      This is why there are always mixed reviews, about monthly beer line cleaners. There is a fail rate with some of the systems. Further, there are only 3 companies in the UK who have access to the proper technology which has been developed over decades. And Line Clenze is not one of them…..

      I will say though – this is just an informed opinion 😉
      And yes I do have vested interest. But I am not going to try & flog you anything 🙂

  3. The brewers recommend you clean your lines weekly, the reason they do this is not everyone cleans their line properly at each clean.

    Who knows perhaps this system might work, but what I do know that is every month when you do a clean it would have to be a very thorough one (especially if you are using eco friendly products), otherwise you will have have the problems mentioned in the previous comments.

    I do five cleans a week for different accounts on a three weekly cycle I find to leave it till the fourth week while the line might look clean, the beer will not be tasting at it’s best, so I would question all these claims that their systems go for that long (even the big companies which I have heard mixed reviews)

    Perhaps you might get some of the stronger lagers to go for that long but you will struggle with John Smiths or Banks bitter which can be very yeasty. I have bodged up a ultra sound system myself which uses several frequencies on a couple of my accounts and one of these has eight pints in the line so I do know it will work.

    So to sum up to pay £7000 for three systems you would have to sell on, as a franchise I think not as they say themselves its a no brainer. ha! ha!

  4. Peter,

    I myself had a long serious look at Line Clenze and did not go ahead with it for various reasons.

    In the end the Clear Brew setup was a much more valid and workable business model.

    More than willing to chat with you if you wish.

  5. Hello,

    We at LineClenze have recently been doing some promotional online research and stumbled upon the above comments here at Inndoctor.

    We are surprised with the claims and comments that have been posted here and are not sure where the above posters seem to have gotten their information from with regards to the longevity or quality of the LineClenze device.

    Rather than taking our word for it, you can visit us at to stay up to date with our client and franchisee testimonials as we publish them as well as visit our main site to see how the device works, and what some of our customers are saying.

    Of course we are also readily available both on social media (@lineclenzeinfo) or by telephone (0800 170 1564) to answer any queries or questions you may have.

    Thank you,

    – LineClenze Admin Team

  6. I was a Lineclenze franchisee and I can tell you this system categorically doesn’t work! No sales were made, nobody would even agree to a free trial of the device. WORST FRANCHISE EVER.. WASTE OF MONEY – STAY AWAY!!!

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